What The Story of Polaroid Taught Me About Innovation

It’s been quiet on the blog — I have been hard at work in graduate school.  Fortunately, my program emphasizes topics like innovation and design thinking, ideas that are rife with applications to everyday life. And, over my 4th of July break I ran into a wonderful case study of design and innovation in Christopher Bonanos’s Instant: […]

Lessons Learned at Wordcamp Kent

I spent this weekend at Wordcamp in beautiful Kent, Ohio. I really enjoy Wordcamps: the lessons learned, the cheery demeanors, and the motivation to keep growing the blog. After each Wordcamp I like to share a few notes from some of the sessions. It helps me solidify some thoughts from the weekend. It’s also my […]

Could Spreadsheet Developers Use the IKEA Effect?

I have been watching “Universal Principles of Design” on Lynda.com, an absolutely fascinating series on design with rather un-intuitive — and powerful — lessons for us spreadsheeters. I have frequently taught that your most important job as an analyst is to make your boss’s life easier — namely, by providing, timely, accurate, insightful data preparation […]

Going back to school

I am returning to school this fall, to Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management (pictured above). This will be a doctorate in design and innovation with a concentration in information systems.  Of course I plan to keep the blog going and incorporate my studies into it.  Will that be as much Excel? Probably not. […]

How Gall’s Law Explains Crappy Spreadsheets

The other day I came across Gall’s Law, developed in book on systems theory by pediatrician John Gall (polymath!). It’s fascinating. Here is Gall’s Law in all its fitting simplicity: Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. I love this idea. It’s especially appealing to my economics background — our advanced economy […]