So, you want to work in hospital administration?

It’s a slow week, the last week of the year. Time to break down gift boxes, heat up leftovers, and reflect on the year gone by. It seems like a lifetime ago that I left my job at a hospital to begin the PhD program, but it was really just a few months ago.  Fortunately, […]

Slideshare: “VLOOKUP: The Duct Tape of Excel”

Here is an introductory Slideshare to my Guide to VLOOKUP. It’s one thing to know the mechanics, another to understand WHY we need to know it. VLOOKUP’s importance lies in the disperse nature of data.  Rarely does it come pre-packaged, for as much of a push as there is for “data warehouses” and “data lakes.” […]

Don’t be dim… use MID()!

MID( ) is intimidating for such a short function. But when you’re in the process of data “wrangling” — that is, transforming it for more useful analysis — it can be very useful. Many numbers in accounting have symbolic meaning. In this example, the cost center has a numeric logic. The third and fourth digit […]