Excel Tip: Add Some Color to Your Chart!

One topic that I’m covering in my course on Excel for healthcare is data visualization and charts in Excel. I’m trying to cover just the basics, but finding it hard to do — there’s so much to learn about this topic.  But I’ll spare you the dissertation and show you this great trick I learned […]

Conditional Formatting Across Columns

Update:  After getting clarification from the reader I developed the attached model. It was bit trickier than I thought at first and I am feeling a little under the weather tonight so have not gone through a full explanation.    A reader on Instagram asks:  “Is there a function which will allow conditional formatting with […]

Chandoo Blew My Mind: Here’s How

Purna Duggirala is known to Excel users worldwide as Chandoo. His site,Chandoo.org, is my go-to Excel resource. Chandoo has a variety of Excel media from blog posts and videos to full online courses. Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. He also has a podcast on how to “Become Awesome in Excel,” […]

30 Seconds Spent Better: Resume Visualization

One of the first things job-seekers will hear is that a recruiter is only going to spend about 30 seconds reading your resume. This seems overstated. With the average job posting getting dozens of applicants, you need to communicate your background effectively. It’s difficult to process decades of achievement in under a minute, especially when […]

The Art of Charts

I’ve been reading Walter Isaacson’s new book, “The Innovators,” a story of the collaboration (and competition) behind the digital age.  A theme of Isaacson’s writing is that technological innovation occurs at the intersection of science and the humanities.  Steve Jobs was famous for this mindset, and it resulted in the aesthetic and functional Apple devices […]