Visualizing Movements Along a Line in Excel

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so how many does an animated graph get us? This morning I was working on a research proposal presentation. Essentially, the research aims to develop a way to measure, plot and visualize corporations’ strategic agility.  The conceptualization is influenced by the indifference curve in economics: An […]

Guest Post: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Panel Chart in Excel

(Note: This guest post is from Puneet Gogia at Puneet is a good friend of the blog, and today he shares how to build a panel chart in Excel. As I mentioned in my segment on the MyExcelOnline podcast, my goal is to improve in data visualization this year. Take it away, Puneet!) In […]

Excel Tip: Freeze Chart Size from Cell Adjustments

As I mentioned in my MyExcelOnline podcast appearance, charting is one of the hardest Excel tools to master. My tip in the podcast showed how to add data with two keystrokes. Sizing your graph can also be challenging, especially when you add or delete cells. Snap! Stretch! Your graph changes size with cell adjustments. Follow […]

Pasting Data into an Excel Chart

One of the hardest Excel features to master is charts and graphs, which aren’t always so user-friendly. That “Select Data Source” dialogue box is so sensitive that it could drive you crazy! Select Data Source: a common source of frustration when working with Excel charts.   Turns out there is a way to add data […]

Excel for Healthcare Preview: Intro to Data Visualization

Healthcare produces massive amounts of data. Use data visualization to make meaning of it all. This is an introduction to some of the most powerful data visualization principles I’ve learned as a healthcare analyst. In the course we will cover examples of how to visualize healthcare data using Microsoft Excel. Learn more at