R for Excel Users: The XLView() Function

It’s time for another post about R. I’ll admit, these days most of my work is done in R. But, I still love using Excel, and I really do enjoy teaching and blogging about it. Fortunately, these two platforms work great together… they collide, in a good way. And XLView() is a great example. Subscribe […]

You don’t really know a coworker until…

“You don’t really know a person until you have shared a pound of salt with him.” -Russian proverb “You don’t really know a coworker until you have shared a spreadsheet with him.” – georgejmount.com

Spreadsheet Thinking, or Bad Thinking?

I really enjoyed this piece by Robert Kosara on “spreadsheet thinking vs database thinking.” Describing the former as “short and fat” and latter as “long and skinny,” Robert documents why database-style datasets win out.  Subscribe for more spreadsheet tips. This is a helpful distinction, but it might be unfair for spreadsheet users. Because you can […]

Messy Data Horror Stories! I Brought My Own to Share

Last night I called in to a Blab hosted by Bob King starring Oz du Soleil. I mentioned some of the inconsistency and false logic I see with data.  The pretty dashboards and statistics are the easy part. Defining and cleaning the data is the hard part — this is where analysts spend most of their time.  Management […]

Healthcare Analyst: The Wrangling Fox

Something I haven’t written much about — and that I’m asked about often — is my work as an analyst at a public health system in Ohio. I plan to write on it more, so if you’ve got any questions or ideas, please let me know in the comments. Today something dawned on me that […]