Excel Tip: Excluding Diagonals from Conditional Formatting

Download the exercise file here.  This afternoon I created a correlation matrix which I then conditionally formatted to give me a heatmap-like take on the data: Going to Data | Conditional Format | Color Scales, I decided that green would be good and red bad (Logical, right? Thanks, Excel.). Notice a problem? The 1’s across the […]

To Good Friends and Good Spreadsheets!

Can you believe it? We are approaching the final week of 2016. It’s been a big year here at the blog. Some highlights: Appeared at Excel.TV in the spring Released an ebook of my top essays in the summer Launched my first classes on Excel, data analysis and networking. One more item: I’m included on […]

Guest Post: How to Create a Dependent Drop-Down List in Excel

Note — this is a guest post from Kasper at Spreadsheeto.  He and his business partner Mikkel are doing some awesome Excel training — check out their site!  I was introduced to their work after Kasper’s Excel.TV appearance. Kasper and Mikkel of Spreadsheeto. We are kindred spirits! Spreadsheeto is also focused on teaching what’s not always evident […]

Is Data a Bridge to Nowhere?

Well, data is a bridge — and it could lead to nowhere.  This weekend I watched a BBC documentary called The Joy of Data. You can see it here, but I’m not sure for how long — BBC does not post to YouTube, and there is no way to access BBC streams from outside the UK: Ironic, […]

Slideshare: “PivotTables: The WD-40 of Excel”

Here is an introductory Slideshare to my Guide to PivotTables. I love PivotTables so much that I often perplexed old coworkers and supervisors because almost everything I did was in a PivotTable. I’m not sure about you, but I want to spend the least amount of time possible subtotalling, filling headers, and so forth. Also, I […]