Excel for Healthcare Preview: Intro to Data Visualization

Healthcare produces massive amounts of data. Use data visualization to make meaning of it all. This is an introduction to some of the most powerful data visualization principles I’ve learned as a healthcare analyst. In the course we will cover examples of how to visualize healthcare data using Microsoft Excel. Learn more at georgejmount.com/excelforhealthcare

Messy Data Horror Stories! I Brought My Own to Share

Last night I called in to a Blab hosted by Bob King starring Oz du Soleil. I mentioned some of the inconsistency and false logic I see with data.  The pretty dashboards and statistics are the easy part. Defining and cleaning the data is the hard part — this is where analysts spend most of their time.  Management […]

Chandoo Blew My Mind: Here’s How

Purna Duggirala is known to Excel users worldwide as Chandoo. His site,Chandoo.org, is my go-to Excel resource. Chandoo has a variety of Excel media from blog posts and videos to full online courses. Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. He also has a podcast on how to “Become Awesome in Excel,” […]

Filter Multiple Pivot Tables with One Slicer

Note: This is my first Excel post! I have improved since then, both in my blogging and Excel skills. I’ve made some modifications to the post, but the first paragraph remains for sentiment’s sake.  Allow me to explore a new writing topic — Excel!  This is my most-used tool at work, and I have acquired lots […]