The Confidence Interval Economy: Mistakes and Career

Excellent piece yesterday by Rob Collie at PowerPivotPro about seeing yourself as a Michelangelo of data. This is a topic that I discussed many times that I am totally on board with. I have argued to look at Excel as a medium of expression and a way to find beauty at your cubicle.  Rob points […]

Stepping into the Creator Mindset

This is from my forthcoming course on networking for analysts. Learn more here. One of the most difficult things I found about working full time is the limited opportunity for creativity. And a lack of creativity relates directly to a weak network.  When you are running the same financial reports day-in, day-out, it’s easy to […]

Beauty in the Cubicle, or Why Inspiration Is on You

My recent post on how Excel has made me happier has received good attention within the Excel community. Many people have noted they too feel more creative with a strong command of Excel. I thought of creativity by spreadsheet after hearing this quote today from Hugh MacLeod, a cartoonist and author.  “Everyone is born creative; everyone […]

Contra Activity Dumps: A Blogging Lesson

On my blog I’ve attempted to provide a “big tent” approach to business analytics, spanning literary analogies to networking tips. Music is a huge pursuit for me. I play violin in a local orchestra and am a member of the Cleveland Orchestra’s young professional group.  Why not combine these two big passions, I thought? Surely some […]

Cleese, Jobs, and Disorderly Dots

A couple of weeks ago I heard John Cleese speak about creativity and reinvention at Content Marketing World. Among his many mind-blowing statements, my favorite was one thing that separating creative people is the difficulty to connect their dots. An example: if you ask a creative person and an average person to draw a squirrel, the […]