What The Story of Polaroid Taught Me About Innovation

It’s been quiet on the blog — I have been hard at work in graduate school.  Fortunately, my program emphasizes topics like innovation and design thinking, ideas that are rife with applications to everyday life. And, over my 4th of July break I ran into a wonderful case study of design and innovation in Christopher Bonanos’s Instant: […]

Lessons Learned at Wordcamp Kent

I spent this weekend at Wordcamp in beautiful Kent, Ohio. I really enjoy Wordcamps: the lessons learned, the cheery demeanors, and the motivation to keep growing the blog. After each Wordcamp I like to share a few notes from some of the sessions. It helps me solidify some thoughts from the weekend. It’s also my […]

What Makes Drucker an Original?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post on Peter Drucker and entrepreneurship.  Much to my surprise, the post was featured on LinkedIn’s entrepreneurship channel. People are hungry for Drucker’s wisdom, so much that one reader even asked for a longer article to read! In response, below is a short paper written for a […]

A Theory of Creativity: Or, Why 2016 Really Sucked

To my audience…. Here we are, the last laps of 2016. Forget the year’s headlines. Sporting events. Celebrity deaths. How much do they really affect you? (Being a proper blog, we tend away from politics.) For me, 2016 was imbued with creativity. From online courses, to published essays, to live Facebook music broadcasts, I have […]

Don’t Try to be Original

….just try to be good.  Man, I love this quote. It goes against so much we are taught. Find your niche, be unique: compete, compete, compete. This often results in impractical innovation over simple, beautiful utility.  You can see it everywhere, from architecture to your spreadsheet. Yes. Maybe all those functions aren’t necessary. Maybe they […]