A Theory of Creativity: Or, Why 2016 Really Sucked

To my audience…. Here we are, the last laps of 2016. Forget the year’s headlines. Sporting events. Celebrity deaths. How much do they really affect you? (Being a proper blog, we tend away from politics.) For me, 2016 was imbued with creativity. From online courses, to published essays, to live Facebook music broadcasts, I have […]

How to Make Content Easier

This is a preview of my forthcoming course on networking for analysts. Learn more at georgejmount.com/networkingcourse A powerful way to build your network is to share content relevant to your “why.” Analysts are often unsure where to start, so I provide some ideas here. The most important lesson, though, is to just do it. Feel […]

Hey, Analyst! Learn Some Content Marketing (Slides)

This is a preview of my forthcoming course on networking for analysts. Learn more at georgejmount.com/networkingcourse. Read my original post here.  In a freelance-based economy, we will all have to sell our skills through content marketing — even “data nerds.” Here are some of the key lessons I’ve taken from content marketing, and how analysts […]

The guide to being me online.

Many people have asked me how I stay so present online with consistent, themed content. I’m often the first name they see on LinkedIn, they say, and they’re amazed that I can stay at the top of my company and peers on profile views. I’d like to dive into this a bit — a guide […]

The free food fallacy (and where content helps)

This evening, I gave a talk at Case Western Reserve University on financial planning.  Well, actually, I didn’t. Because nobody came. It doesn’t bother me. As a residence life alumnus, no-shows are a fact of life. In fact, this experience in residence life has made me a better analyst — but we’ll save that for […]