5 Reasons You Should Never Go to Grad School Without Working First

Thinking of grad school? Get a job. Then think about it some more. And if you keep thinking about it, go. You’ll be older, wiser, and more ready to succeed. Those with work experience have an incredible advantage over classmates who have no professional work experience. Here’s why:  1. You’ve learned detachment “It will crush […]

Data and the Liberal Arts Edge: Discussion with Matt Walje

An increasing number of jobs in industries as diverse as healthcare operations and maritime piracy analysis require quantitative aptitude. The response to prepare for this demand is often an emphasis on STEM over a classical liberal arts education. But what if liberal arts is foundational to good use of data? I speak with Matt Walje, Project […]

Getting Liberal Arts Grads Started with Data (Slides)

It’s that time of year. Students are graduating and entering the cold, scary world of business. My first inclination after graduating from a liberal arts college was to get the heck back to school — and I returned to graduate school. While helpful, that extra schooling still wasn’t enough. No, I was still pretty clueless […]

Spreadsheet Belieber

Excel-lent parody of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” by a University of Texas business professor with some real truths behind the laughter: “If you want to get the skills you need / oh baby, you should go and learn Excel.” Funny song with a great lesson! And so true. The importance of Excel knowledge when looking […]

In Defense of Long Tail Majors

  Two books that have influenced my thinking lately are Tyler Cowen’s Average is Over and Kevin Carey’s The End of College. I even wrote a blog post on the latter. Both imply that comfortable mediocrity is history. The bachelor’s degree-cubicle-retirement formula is over. James Altucher predicts that in the future people will either be temp-staffers or artist-entrepreneurs. From one source: Research […]