Making Easy, Flexible Histograms with PivotTables

This post accompanies my segment on MyExcelOnline’s “Best Excel Tips of 2017 Podcast.” The first commandment of data analysis: KNOW THY DATA! It’s always smart to get a feel for your data’s distribution. Histograms offer a great way to visualize the distributions of a variable of interest. Download the exercise file here. A histogram is […]

Visualizing Movements Along a Line in Excel

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so how many does an animated graph get us? This morning I was working on a research proposal presentation. Essentially, the research aims to develop a way to measure, plot and visualize corporations’ strategic agility.  The conceptualization is influenced by the indifference curve in economics: An […]

Guest Post: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Panel Chart in Excel

(Note: This guest post is from Puneet Gogia at Puneet is a good friend of the blog, and today he shares how to build a panel chart in Excel. As I mentioned in my segment on the MyExcelOnline podcast, my goal is to improve in data visualization this year. Take it away, Puneet!) In […]