Russ Ackoff, Modern Management, And You The Analyst

Russell Ackoff (1919-2009) One of my (many) writing assignments this semester is to write a biosketch of a prominent information systems theorist.  I am finding a lot to respect in Russ Ackoff, my figure. I chose him because an assigned paper of his resonated with me, and because he had spent some time teaching at […]

The Confidence Interval Economy: Mistakes and Career

Excellent piece yesterday by Rob Collie at PowerPivotPro about seeing yourself as a Michelangelo of data. This is a topic that I discussed many times that I am totally on board with. I have argued to look at Excel as a medium of expression and a way to find beauty at your cubicle.  Rob points […]

What Makes a Good Analyst? And How Do You Interview to Find One?

A feature of my blog has been turning Excel skills into career opportunities.  My first course was a deep dive into getting “hired with Excel.” What, as I said, does “every analyst need to know?”  This included not just essential Excel skills but how to find the right job and impress hiring managers. My second […]

Introduction: That Analyst Life

I am putting some of my essays into a book, to be published very soon. From the book’s introduction: Introduction  My jump from a cozy liberal arts college to the gray felt walls of corporate finance did not go so well. After receiving a bachelor’s in economics, I even took a “gap year” of sorts, getting […]

Course preview: you can’t hear a good analyst…

This is a preview of my course “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews.” What makes a good analyst? Someone who can pass a skills test, or who knows a certain programming language? Every job is unique, so it’s inaccurate to judge an analyst on his current skill base alone. Rather, much of it […]