Hired with Excel: Observations, Caveats, Etc…

This is a preview of my course, “Hired with Excel: What Every Analyst Needs to Know.” Learn more at georgejmount.thinkific.com, or subscribe to my newsletter for your free companion ebook.  In this video I reflect on some common feedback and observations about the course. Topics covered: How is learning Excel like reading the internet? What […]

Bad Data Hygiene is a Career-Killer!

Here’s my beef with most business education, something that I discuss in my course: Maybe you learn how to manage teams and schedules, but you sure don’t learn how to manage data. Analysts commonly spend the majority of their time cleaning and preparing data.  This is commonly seen as a rite of passage — your first […]

No Learner an Island

“This is good,” a fellow doctoral student told me at our meeting the other day. “You are asking people for help. I should have done that.”  One suggestion this older student gave to me was not to be afraid to contact researchers who were doing similar work to mine and ask them for feedback, too.  […]

Network Like a Southerner

Know a good way to tell a Northerner from a Southerner? When a Northerner meets you, he’ll ask “What do you do? A Southerner will ask “Where are you from?” This signifies the North’s emphasis on business and industry, and the South’s on location and heritage. When it comes to networking, I take the Southern approach. The “What do […]