Review: Financial Modeling in Excel for Dummies

“Hey, George. We have this spreadsheet we use to create our financial models. It is really complex.  Some nights when we need to get projections to the CFO the model breaks and we are here until 11pm. It is really complex. (I already heard that, thank you!) Think you can look at it?” Every analyst […]

Don’t Look for the Biggie

I recently wrote a paper about Peter Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which led me to conclude that all management theory is a footnote to Drucker. Drucker writes far ahead of his time on topics from information technology to career management. Give it a read. One of my favorite quotes concerns the nature of “thinking big” in entrepreneurship: […]

Increasing Parma Cool

Today my essay on Ukrainian Village, Parma is featured on Belt Magazine. It is an excerpt from Belt’s Cleveland Neighborhood Guidebook.  Since my essay was published, “Parma cool” has increased. A Young Professionals of Parma group has been established. The New York Times offered an essay on the neighborhood during this election cycle. Parma pride is on the […]

Published in Parma: CLE Guidebook Now Shipping!

Excellent surprise in the mail today — Belt Magazine’s Cleveland Neighborhood Guidebook arrived! The book editor said the first shipment arrived as literally two tons of book freight — what an honor. I am so happy to share a bit about my own neighborhood and collaborate with some of Cleveland’s best and brightest. If you’re […]


Harry Potter fan? Think of Excel as your data’s house elf. An Exc-elf, as I say. Tonight I am reading Guerilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel.  Excellent book: you can tell the authors have been in the foxhole of real-life data analysis and know how to survive! This comic aside on having hobbies vs. using […]