That sounds like a cool radio program… but this site is featured, so you know that’s not the case. has named this site a Top 40 Excel Blog! This is exciting – we are making wakes. This list has some bloggers you might know from the blog, and a few new names. Please, check them […]

Excel’s Online Communities: Interview with Alex Powers

As I have been fumbling my way through learning Python, online forums and communities have fascinated me. Why are some forums strict to the point of rudeness and others nearly a yes-man free-for-all?  Are there such things as a stupid question on an online help forum? To discuss these questions and to work toward a […]

From Reddit to Slap Bass: It’s Not About The Cell Live!

Why is Domo not the answer? What does playing the bass have to do with developing a spreadsheet? Watch and learn!  I had a spirited conversation with Oz du Soleil and Alex Powers on Alex’s It’s Not About the Cell live Facebook hangout. Topics ranged from Reddit’s Excel thread to online Excel communities in general. […]

Why Norbert Wiener Would Want You to Blog

  One book that I keep coming back to is Tyler Cowen’s Average is Over, which predicts the effects of the concentration of information technology at the hands of a few. While the information age has brought untold wealth and comfort to millions, perhaps there is a less appealing underbelly. The largest tech companies keep getting […]

Grad School: Specialization Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going back to school for a PhD at Case Western Reserve University. I predicted this would influence my blogging. Well, that didn’t take long. My program in design & innovation is highly influenced by information systems and, to a lesser extent, marketing — two subjects which I […]