Is Data a Bridge to Nowhere?

Well, data is a bridge — and it could lead to nowhere.  This weekend I watched a BBC documentary called The Joy of Data. You can see it here, but I’m not sure for how long — BBC does not post to YouTube, and there is no way to access BBC streams from outside the UK: Ironic, […]

Big Data Panel at Weatherhead

The Big Data Panel at Case Western Reserve University Homecoming, 10/9/15 Last week was Homecoming at my graduate school alma mater, Case Western Reserve University. The Weatherhead School of Management provided a full day of events — it was like being a student again, only with better food. The main draw for me was a […]

Excel, Big Data, and Google Trends: What’s Going On?

Trends is a lesser-known Google tool that allows you to follow search interest of a particular topic.  Here’s an unscientific but interesting trend I noticed tonight. As an analyst, I live in Microsoft Excel, and to a lesser extent, Access.  I also hear “big data” a lot.  To me, Excel is the Model T to […]

History, Statistics, and more interesting facts

Very informative piece here about the future of statistics in an age of data analytics.  I had never considered the point that statistics and probability were disparate subjects until a couple of hundred years ago.  As the author mentions, this can be seen easily in the etymology (“statistics” coming from “state,” i.e. the state’s measurements). […]

Big Data and Disperse Knowledge

  Economists are frequently turning to Twitter, Google and other online data sources to analyze the markets. In an economy less focused on manufacturing and more on information and connections, it only makes sense to use internet-created data in economic modelling.  Just as car sales were tantamount to analyzing the Rust Belt economy of the past, […]