What The Story of Polaroid Taught Me About Innovation

It’s been quiet on the blog — I have been hard at work in graduate school.  Fortunately, my program emphasizes topics like innovation and design thinking, ideas that are rife with applications to everyday life. And, over my 4th of July break I ran into a wonderful case study of design and innovation in Christopher Bonanos’s Instant: […]

Beauty in the Cubicle, or Why Inspiration Is on You

My recent post on how Excel has made me happier has received good attention within the Excel community. Many people have noted they too feel more creative with a strong command of Excel. I thought of creativity by spreadsheet after hearing this quote today from Hugh MacLeod, a cartoonist and author.  “Everyone is born creative; everyone […]

What Visiting an Auction House Taught Me About the New Economy

Credit: Sarah Palagyi/Column & Stripe The other day I got to visit Cowan’s Auction House with Column & Stripe, the Young Friends of the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I had never been to an auction house and had never considered the economics of the auction market. The visit gave some insights into the “New Economy.” […]