So, you want to work in hospital administration?

It’s a slow week, the last week of the year. Time to break down gift boxes, heat up leftovers, and reflect on the year gone by. It seems like a lifetime ago that I left my job at a hospital to begin the PhD program, but it was really just a few months ago.  Fortunately, […]

5 Questions to Ask Before Taking that Analyst Job

Most of my work has been about how you as an analyst can impress at interviews. But we should look at this from the other side of the table, too. How can you protect yourself from getting into a lousy job? Here are a few questions for you the analyst to ask. 1. Where is […]

Introduction: That Analyst Life

I am putting some of my essays into a book, to be published very soon. From the book’s introduction: Introduction  My jump from a cozy liberal arts college to the gray felt walls of corporate finance did not go so well. After receiving a bachelor’s in economics, I even took a “gap year” of sorts, getting […]

Hey, Data Analyst, Learn Some Content Marketing

  One resource that’s been particularly helpful since I’ve started writing is theContent Marketing Institute. Much to my amazement, this organization is based in my hometown of Cleveland, OH. This is a true gem for Cleveland, and I’m looking forward to getting involved by volunteering at this year’s Content Marketing Institute. I’m a business analyst, and […]

Hired with Excel: My Background

Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. Plus, your free ebook. This is part of the “Hired with Excel” series. Read the last post here. My Story This series is the guide I wish I’d had when applying for analyst jobs. It is my hope that you do not make the same […]