Road Tripping — Day 4

This is day 4 of a road trip I am taking from Portland, OR to Cleveland, OH. Read the full series here. 

Over the hill! 

We are in Wall, SD at the base of Badlands National Park, putting us about halfway to our destination, mile-wise, and even further time-wise.

We’re on a major interstate highway now with Chicago our only real obstacle.

The car is running great. It’s a lot of fun to drive, and we’ve got to experience it in so many different environments — from the lush Pacific Northwest to the foothills of South Dakota.


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Broadus, Montana — being Wavingly (sp?) apparently does not preclude hoarding skeletons.


Quonset Huts fascinate me. I love their history, versatility, and weird aesthetic charm.

My Krameresque business plan is to publish a coffee table book about Quonset huts. When that happens, I’ll have to include a chapter on the Quonset fields of Belle Fourche, SD. 


The Black Hills of South Dakota. Your plot comes with choice of disabled vehicle or rotting shed. 13781674_790969973386_8778650884655353295_n

Mount Rushmore. Unlike the national parks, this was actually designed to be a tourist trap. Waste of a good mountain? Maybe, but with just one exception…


… can we keep Washington? He’s the reason I came, to be honest.


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