Road Tripping: Day 3

This is day 3 of a road trip I am taking from Portland, OR to Cleveland, OH. Read the full series here. 

I finally made it home… not to Ohio, silly. To the land of my forebearers who couldn’t spell too good.

I’m in… Mountana!

Today took us across Idaho, barely skirting Yellowstone and Wyoming on our east, and into Bozeman, Montana. Seems like a slow, circuitous route, but with Bozeman comes I-90.

Nothing too profound to note today. I do enjoy the mountain climates here. And everyone still has a dog.

A few photos:13620709_790729185926_4484717508190609903_n

One of our first sights of Montana — how about handing me a snow shovel?



Welcome to Idaho — the Montana sign came up at us so quickly on some US Highway that I didn’t get it.


Downtown Bozeman.


Giddy up.



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