Road Tripping – Day 1

This is day 1 of a road trip I am taking from Portland, OR to Cleveland, OH. Read the full series here. 

Dear Readers,

Normally I don’t write about personal, non-business related topics. But normally, I don’t drive across country, either. So I am chronicling this adventure.

I am in Medford, Oregon right now, waiting to pick up a car that my father purchased on eBay (photos and details to come on that!) We are then headed back to Ohio.

We touched down in Portland late Saturday, spent Sunday there, then made it to Southern Oregon.

This is my first time in Oregon. A few thoughts (and pictures):

1. Portland is just like you think it would be. Here’s a glimpse of the street as we waited for Excel MVP Oz du Soleil (yes!):


Dogs, bikes, Subarus, you name it — Portland did indeed have it in spades.

2. Did I mention Oz du Soleil? Yes, Oz and I met yesterday. Amazing how things work — I had wondered if we would ever meet “IRL” — lo and behold, I ended up in Portland faster and more randomly than I could have imagined!

oz george

3. It’s not basic.  Unlike in Ohio, it would be hard to find a simply terrible cup of coffee or dinner in Portland. I respect the hipster renaissance of Cleveland, but have to be honest that very few of the twentysomething restaurateurs have much idea what they’re doing.

For as un-hippie as I am, I’ve got to respect the savoir vivre of Oregonians. Everywhere we went people were making music, dancing, enjoying nature. It really is something to behold.


The beautiful Cascades in Portland, OR — IKEA store included.


Oz navigating us through Portland.


Had the pleasure of checking out Open Mic night at Jefferson Spirits in downtown Medford. There was some real talent! Instantly we felt like locals through the power of sharing music. 


Beautiful old Woolworth building in downtown Medford, OR.

Next up… we will be getting that car I mentioned and heading back East. Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and boring Plain States…here we come!

Goodbye, Oregon — it’s nice here, but I really don’t want to get a tattoo, and don’t I need one to live here?




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  1. It was such a joy to meet you and your father. Thanks for getting in touch. Next time we’ve gotta record some excel stuff.

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