Review: “The Milennial Game Plan”


I came to this short e-book from Forbes, where author Laura Shin writes regularly.  While it took less than half a day to read (and is priced appropriately), the book has permanent take-aways.

Shin does not sugar-coat the Millennial job market.  She starts off with the usual “unemployed with a Master’s in Puppetry” tragedies.  I particularly admired her fearlessness in illustrating her own past financial woes.

But where most authors proceed to complain and insult, Shin offers sound advice.  She details one young man who turned his rock band into a marketing career.  The example gets you thinking — how can you turn your passions into something that others can use?  This change in mindset is critical in today’s job market.

Today’s young professionals have more degrees and specializations than ever before.  A fancy degree isn’t enough, though.  This book questions how to pursue your interests while also delivering value to others.  With discussions of grad school to nine-to-fives to freelance entrepreneurship, all options are explored.

While the book offers some financial management advice, there is nothing special here.  I would suggest going straight to Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to Be Richwhich is quoted heavily for this section.  The most valuable sections are near the beginning, with chapters such as “How to Forge a Career in a Nasty Job Market” and “How to Make Money.”  It also offers a balanced look at the pros and cons graduate school.

If you’re a young professional wondering how to navigate this changing economy, start here.  Shin has done a great service by laying out the bleak facts of today’s job market while offering upbeat advice for any path you choose.

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