Quick bit of magic…. then a question for you

Here’s a great shortcut I picked up recently: Use Ctrl + – to delete a row. Note my use of Shift + Spacebar to select the row. 


Cool, huh? Or was it?

I’ve said it many times: I love Excel because there is always something more to learn. A related point: no one person knows everything about it.

Which leads me to something that many of us bloggers overlook: we shouldn’t assume our readers always know what we do.

While my site will never be a straight Excel tips-and-tricks blog, it will always be the backbone of my content. 

I am trying to determine the best allocation of topics, and the best way to deliver them.

Would a once-a-week Excel lesson be good? Do you find them most helpful delivered over video or as a text-plus-gif tutorial?

Or are you good with my riffs on business analytics, networking, and other topics that are “of Excel, but not in it?”

Please do not hesitate with feedback. Leave a comment or shoot me an email: email hidden; JavaScript is required. I am in this for the long haul, and I want to do my best for my readers.


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