That Analyst Life



My jump from a cozy liberal arts college to the gray felt walls of corporate finance did not go so well.

After receiving a bachelor’s in economics, I even took a “gap year” of sorts, getting a master’s degree in finance. I wanted some shot at success.

It still wasn’t enough. Like many analysts, I was passed through a baptism by fire of lousy spreadsheets, unrealistic report requests, and late nights doing work that certainly didn’t require a graduate degree from a leading business school.

In the meantime, I began a blog at I had a couple of motivations.

First, I needed a creative outlet. The lack of creativity at my job frustrated me. A liberal arts grad, I need to write.

But there was a more utilitarian reason. I wanted help.

I thought blogging would connect me with those who could help. I just wanted some spreadsheet answers. I got much more.

Not only have I connected with authorities in business analytics and spreadsheet modelling. I have also developed an idea of what makes a good analyst.

This is a collection of essays from my blog.

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