Peter Drucker: Keep on Learning


All management theory is a footnote to Drucker.

I’m reading my first Drucker book. What took me so long? Expect more on the blog. But I could not wait to share this quote from Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

“The correct assumption in an entrepreneurial society is that individuals will have to learn new things well after they have become adults—and maybe more than once. The correct assumption is that what individuals have learned by age twenty-one will begin to become obsolete five to ten years later and will have to be replaced— or at least refurbished—by new learning, new skills, new knowledge…

They can no longer assume that they “enter upon a career” which then proceeds along a pre-determined, well-mapped and well-lighted “career path” to a known destination—what the American military calls “progressing in grade.” The assumption from now on has to be that individuals on their own will have to find, determine, and develop a number of “careers” during their working lives.”

Sounds a lot like what I emphasize on the blog, inspired by the latest hits in business lit.

But Drucker wrote this in…. 1985! This was a decade before the Internet was even a thing, and WAY before blogging, the freelance economy, and so forth.

What an incredible thinker. I cannot wait to read more. 

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