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Lots of fun Excel news coming out the last couple of weeks, just in time for the holidays. And why shouldn’t it be timed that way? I love being part of this community — what a wonderful, welcoming, bright group. Two updates: 

First, our friends at Excel.TV have launched their first course on dashboards and data visualization in Excel. Buy it now! My review:

I’ve been a regular viewer of Excel TV for some time now so was thrilled to learn about their first online course. It is taught by Excel TV co-host Jordan Goldmeier, an Excel MVP and authority on dashboards and visualization.

Jordan is a true innovator in Excel and he shows us some amazing dashboard and visualization techniques in this course. The course will get you thinking, as he says, “outside the cell.” You will learn to think differently about Excel, unlocking even more of its potential.

The videos are easy to follow and of the highest quality. Crisp audio and excellent video. This is not another “brain dump” of meaningless Excel tips and tricks. The course walks you through the theory of data visualization and dashboards with Excel applications.

I have used Excel for thousands of hours and still found new, helpful tips in this series. The course is also great for newer users of Excel — it requires absolutely no knowledge of VBA or PivotTables, and Jordan does a great job getting all users comfortable with the tools used in this course.

Data visualization and dashboards are powerful techniques for making sense in today’s data deluge. I would recommend this course to those who want to be able to communicate with their data. This is a critical skill for success across roles and industries.

Second, Oz du Soleil, another great friend of the blog, is an Excel music video star! Clint Tuttle, a professor in Texas, presents an Excel parody for students at the end of each semester. This one is packed with cameos by Excel users, from former students to Excel masterminds. Take a look:


So, there you have it. Enough business (and pleasure) to occupy your weekend. 

Don’t stop Exceling!




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