Messy Data Horror Stories! I Brought My Own to Share

Last night I called in to a Blab hosted by Bob King starring Oz du Soleil. I mentioned some of the inconsistency and false logic I see with data. 

The pretty dashboards and statistics are the easy part. Defining and cleaning the data is the hard part — this is where analysts spend most of their time. 

Management often doesn’t understand the complexity and time spent in data wrangling, and it’s skipped over in favor of the most powerful dashboard a consultant can come up with. As trite as it may be, “garbage in, garbage out” still holds.

Check out the first few minutes and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer —  I am sorry my lighting isn’t too good. I was also in a hoodie. It was after 9pm on Sunday — past my bedtime — and I called in impulsively. Thanks!

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