Maple Lookups: A Canada Day Tribute

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Everyone knows that most Excel champions come from Ohio — Bill Jelen, Chris Newman, Jordan Goldmeier, et alia.

But a very close runner-up has to be Canada — a land that captures my imagination. 

Canada sits only 40 miles from my house in southern Cleveland, yet a Great Lake divides us. This puddle separates us. But when I do get over there, I always have a great time.

I find Ohioans and Canadians share a lot — and apparently, Excel is one of them.

Because today is Canada Day, I’d like to recognize the deep Excel talent in that country.

Here are just a few northernly neighbors who love Excel and their blogs:

  • Brad Edgar at
  • Debra Dalgleish at
  • Kevin Lehrbass at
  • Ken Puls at

Did I miss someone? Americans, leave me a note! (I know if you’re a Canadian, you’d be too polite to correct me!)

Happy Canada Day! 


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  1. Hi George! I noticed a few years ago that Ohio seemed to have a lot of Excel talent! I think Szilvia Juhasz ( is also originally from Ohio. Is there a secret Excel training center there? Thanks for the mention and enjoy your July 4th!
    Kevin Lehrbass

    • George Mount says:

      Thanks, Kevin! Yes, Szilvia is from Ohio too. I think Microsoft is pumping something into the Great Lakes at least to get Ohio and Ontario so pumped on Excel 🙂 Not sure about the West Coast Canadians!

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