Labor Day Reflections

Labor Day isn’t my favorite holiday, but it is making me step back and think about work’s purpose and its future.

I’ve been working as an analyst in various capacities for nearly four years now, covering everything from womens’ flasks to neurosurgery billing.

It’s surprising how similar all these roles are — namely, how all require a strong understanding of data analysis, specifically in Microsoft Excel.

This is something I wish I’d known a few years ago when I was looking for my first job and spinning down this vicious cycle:



Now that I’ve been in the workforce a few years, I’m cataloguing my thoughts so college students, interns, and other aspiring analysts can get in the mind of someone a few years ahead. This way, they can at least sound like an experienced candidate.

I’ve found very little on this topic online — surprising, given the increasing complexity of data analysis and the difficulty of getting that first job.

I’ll try to take some breaks today, but how better to spend “Labor Day” than by blogging about my work skills? Hope you can benefit, too. 

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