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I was so unprepared for my first job interviews.

A liberal arts grad, I assumed employers would have a sixth sense for my aptitude and worry about training me later. 

But in a rough jobs market where few employees stay for more than a couple of years, employers didn’t throw me this bone.

My most serious shortcoming was in Microsoft Excel.

I’d heard a couple of professors harp on how critical it was to learn. But again, I figured I’d cross that bridge when I got there.

Going into interviews without knowing Excel was the equivalent of getting to the bridge, seeing it wasn’t there, and proceeding to walk into the abyss.

A few years later, I know and love Excel. I see how important it is to know from day one — and how ineffectively it is used in many offices. 

I kept looking for a site that distilled the tips, tricks, frustrations and triumphs of the beginning analyst. 

I couldn’t find one, so I started it.

On my blog, I discuss Excel, data analysis, and other topics for the aspiring analyst. I often discuss how crucial LinkedIn is to job searches and career development.

So, taking my own advice, I have decided to start a LinkedIn group: “Hired with Excel.”

Here I hope to share what’s worked for me with Excel as an analyst, and learn from others.

Please join and learn with me. 

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