Review: The Job Hunting Mindset for College Graduates


I’ve been exploring the world of Kindle publishing since the publication of my first ebook (which you can get free until today.)

One new feature to me is free Kindle books.  Many authors will promote their books for free a few days after publication for some publicity.  They do this in hopes of getting reviews and bumping up their title in Amazon’s algorithm.

I’ve looked through some of these currently free Kindle books.  Most aren’t very good.  But one is worth mentioning.

The Job Hunting Mindset for College Graduates is a book I wish I’d read a few years ago.  The author has “been there.”  He recently graduated and searched futilely for anything available.  I took the same approach, thoughtlessly “shotgunning” resumes out there with no clear target.

Pham explains why branding and targeting is essential for a college student’s job search.  Instead of “College Student at University” as a LinkedIn title, be specific about your skills and goals.  Only send out job applications that are addressed to a specific person.  The anonymous “Selection Committee” does not read resumes.

The greatest feature of this book is the online resources.  Suggesting ways to build an online presence, Pham mentions Quora and  These are two great sites that rank very high in Google, enhancing one’s “searchability.”  He even has a whole section on ways to “visualize” one’s resume.  This was a new concept to me and one I am exploring.  We use infographics for everything else — why not resumes?  You will not get these tech-savvy tips at your local employment office.

Today’s job search is very different than even ten years ago.  The best guide is someone who has recently conquered it.  Pham is honest about his mistakes — even showing us his poorly-written cover letters and explaining what to to differently.  He does a great job mixing facts with empathy, establishing himself as an authority.

Share this free Kindle book with your college student — it’s a short read that will kick-start their job search.

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