How do I download Microsoft Excel?


One common question I’m asked is how to download Excel — and, just as important, how much will it cost?

Good news: you can get Excel for free!

Microsoft has done a good job at making Office more accessible, and that includes offering “Office apps” for free on all major devices (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

You can get the free version of Excel here. It’s a scaled-down version of the full product, but great for starting out and if your school or employer doesn’t offer it.

(Tip for students — ask your IT department if you can download Excel. Often you can get a copy at a free or dramatically reduced price.)

Paid products

You can get the paid, full version of Excel two ways — via a one-time download or through recurring-subscription, cloud-based streaming. Read more about these paid options here.

Let’s get learning!

Now that you’ve got Excel, here is my collection of top resources for beginning Excel. 

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