The “Hired with Excel” Resource Page

Data-savvy analysts are in demand. Want to get started? Learn Excel. 

This series of posts is everything I wish I knew when applying for my first analyst job. Focusing on two commonly used Excel tools, the series covers what analysts do to why many use Excel to how to find a job. 

Let me know if it helps! Thanks so much for reading.


Introduction & Definition

My Background

Why Excel?

The Bad

The Pareto Handyman

Why You Must Train Yourself


Vlookups: the Duct Tape of Excel

Why Vlookup?

Vlookup: the Mechanics

An even better Vlookup: IFERROR

#Vlookupproblems: The Zoolander Problem

#VlookupProblems: Cells Formatted as Text

A Better Vlookup: Anchored Cell Reference


PivotTables: the WD-40 of Excel


PivotTable Data Prep

Anatomy of a PivotTable

#PivotTableProblems: Always be Refreshing

#PivotTableProblems: Avoid GETPIVOTDATA

#PivotTableProblems: Tweak Your View

PivotTables: Add a Calculated Field


The Interview and Beyond

No More Blast Invites! LinkedIn for Aspiring Analysts

Vlookup Culture: Lingo for Aspiring Analysts

You’re Hired with Excel… Now What?

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