Getting Liberal Arts Grads Started with Data (Slides)

It’s that time of year. Students are graduating and entering the cold, scary world of business.

My first inclination after graduating from a liberal arts college was to get the heck back to school — and I returned to graduate school.

While helpful, that extra schooling still wasn’t enough. No, I was still pretty clueless about how to actually use data in a business environment. And I’m still learning. 

But I’m trying to share what bits I have learned for future graduates. 

Slide deck based on an earlier post. 



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  1. Angela Mount says:

    I need the remedial course of study!

  2. Alex Powers says:

    I’m enjoying that St Louis shout out in slide 13. Welcome anytime.

    • George Mount says:

      I’m glad you caught that! Meant to bring that up to you. Likewise to you and Cleveland, although I’d suggest not this summer for loud, orange-haired reasons 🙂

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