Excel Tip: Freeze, Formula!


I promise I didn’t post this just to use this great (free!) photo from Gratisography. No, it’s because this is one of the niftier Excel hacks that doesn’t get much publicity.

Unwinding a formula in Excel can be difficult. Commas and clauses and parentheses…oh my! One way to map a spreadsheet’s relationships is through Ctrl + ~.

This is great, but what if you want to just look at the syntax of one formula while displaying values for the others? It’s quite simple.

Add a ‘ before your formula to “freeze” its syntax in your workbook.


Notice above that we put this character just in front of our formula. Hit Enter and it will stay on the syntax.


Maybe less fun than wearing a wig and pointing a banana at your monitor, but it’s still an attention-grabber!

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