Excel’s Online Communities: Interview with Alex Powers

As I have been fumbling my way through learning Python, online forums and communities have fascinated me. Why are some forums strict to the point of rudeness and others nearly a yes-man free-for-all? 

Are there such things as a stupid question on an online help forum?

To discuss these questions and to work toward a brief research assignment I spoke with Alex Powers of It’s Not About the Cell.

Alex brings a big-picture perspective to the conservation, opening up the discussion to blogging, content creation, and community-building in general.

APOLOGIES…..  this was my first time using this recording software — looks like I should have changed the video recording settings out of picture-in-picture!

Which I promise to fix for you….  if you experience in and opinions about online forums, let’s talk! Here is some more information about what I am looking for.

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