Ctrl + 1derful!

I call formatting a necessary evil in Excel. It can easily take as long as the analysis itself — but the nice thing is that good formatting makes for better, quicker data analysis.

Keep the Ctrl+1 shortcut handy when formatting your data. It will launch the Format Cells menu from which you can re-format selected cells.

Every keyboard shortcut saves a second or two vs. using the mouse. Think of this time-savings spread over weeks and months and it’s significant! ¬†Wonderful!


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  1. This is my favorite shortcut, by far. And it’s better than you say. It’s not just for formatting cells, it’s for formatting whatever is selected in Excel. Select a cell, Ctrl-1 pops up Format Cells. Select a chart axis, and Format Axis pops up. I get mad when Ctrl-1 doesn’t work in PowerPoint or Word.

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