Course preview: you can’t hear a good analyst…

This is a preview of my course “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews.”

What makes a good analyst? Someone who can pass a skills test, or who knows a certain programming language?

Every job is unique, so it’s inaccurate to judge an analyst on his current skill base alone. Rather, much of it is about poise and attitude. Namely, it is about an excitement for data analysis and reporting.

Warning — sad news ahead for writers. I still consider myself more of a writer than a “numbers guy.” Yet here I am, blogging about Excel and business analytics. Again, I see these platforms as a tool to help me spend less time on data wrangling and more time on discursive analysis. 

But the analyst has to demonstrate he can get numbers out accurately and on time before proceeding to the higher-level business operations.

How can you communicate the value of your Excel knowledge at your next interview? Check out my new course, “Hired with Excel: The Essential Guide to Interviews.”


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