College and Career: Correlation, but not Causation


“Is college worth it?” is the question of our time.  Never before have so many owed so much for so little.  The debate is polarizing.  Most opinions are either “college is for everyone and students should embrace it and how dare you rob them of this!” or “what a scam, avoid entirely.”

It’s not for everyone, but college can be worth it — if you know what you are doing.

Walking from school straight into a career these days is very rare.  Many of the entry-level analyst jobs that a BA would have found a decade ago are now given to candidates with master’s degrees and years of experience.

While there is still a correlation between a college degree and a rewarding career, this is not causal.  A worthwhile college degree takes a little “hacking.”  Even for students not considering entrepreneurship, this article from the WSJ has a wealth of knowledge on how to be more competitive with a college degree.

Students just can’t assume a career will be available after graduation.  The tips of this article will help prevent an unwanted barista job after getting a degree.

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