PivotTables: Replace Blanks with Zeros

I love PivotTables because they do all the “data housework” for me, allowing me to analyze data rather than gather, manage, and format it. One undesirable feature of the PivotTable is how it treats blank values. In our example below we have the sales for a few stores by day. The PivotTable leaves days without […]


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Get In Line!

A good Excel analyst thinks about formats. Do these¬†borders, colors and blocks help drive the overall narrative of your data? Or do they just make it look busy? Formatting can be a significant time-suck. Lots of mouse clicks gone astray, clashing colors, etc. That’s why I present nearly all my data inside a PivotTable — […]

Multiply a Whole Range by the Same Cell

Here’s a feature that takes advantage of the powerful “Paste Special” features in Excel. Say you’ve got a list of sales by employee and week. The sales reps get a 10% commission. You can easily transform your raw data into the commission figures with the below steps. Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips […]

Add Hyperlink in Excel

  ¬† Ctrl + K allows you to insert a hyperlink in Excel. Be sure to use this when linking to the site!