No More Blast Invites! LinkedIn for Aspiring Analysts

  If you follow my blog, you’ll know I write a lot about data analysis, Microsoft Excel, and other related topics. It’s my goal to catalog everything I’ve learned as an analyst over the past few years to help those looking to move into a data-driven position. If you’ve got chops and nobody knows, do you […]

Hey, Data Analyst, Learn Some Content Marketing

  One resource that’s been particularly helpful since I’ve started writing is theContent Marketing Institute. Much to my amazement, this organization is based in my hometown of Cleveland, OH. This is a true gem for Cleveland, and I’m looking forward to getting involved by volunteering at this year’s Content Marketing Institute. I’m a business analyst, and […]

Poke the Box – and Count Beans, Too

  I never took a marketing class in college.  But I found a better substitute — read every Seth Godin book.  I’ve only got a few left, and I have learned a huge amount. My latest Godin read: Poke the Box. In this short, blog-posty book, Seth challenges us not to wait for permission, to create, […]

On Name Tags: Don’t Be a Shoebie

  I had a surfing phase growing up — quite natural for a Clevelander. I read the magazines and listened to the music. I even learned the lingo. One of my favorite surfer expressions was “shoebie.” This is an insult toward outsiders who come to the beach wearing shoes. It was interesting that something so […]

The Biker Bar Fallacy

I’ve been in conference mode the past few days. Over the weekend, I was atWordcamp Columbus, improving my end-user WordPress skills. Today, I’m finishing NABE’s Economic Measurement Seminar, where I’m learning about how various economic indicators are compiled and how to use them. I love going to conferences because I love learning new things, meeting […]