Excel for Healthcare Administrators: Who Should Take This Course?

Note: I have been receiving some great feedback on my course for healthcare administrators. One common question is who this course is for what a user should expect to get out of the course. To that end I am adding some context to the course.  This course was designed for a few groups of users which […]

So, you want to work in hospital administration?

It’s a slow week, the last week of the year. Time to break down gift boxes, heat up leftovers, and reflect on the year gone by. It seems like a lifetime ago that I left my job at a hospital to begin the PhD program, but it was really just a few months ago.  Fortunately, […]

Checklists, programs, and the nature of work

“We need a checklist,” my boss insisted. “So we don’t miss any steps.” So I made a checklist of how to pay out physician incentives. Dozens of steps. I tried implementing it across the hundreds of instances over which incentives are paid. I still missed things. “Why wasn’t that on the list?” Checklists, surprisingly, are […]

Excelstentialism and Systems Blogging

  One thing I’ve grappled with frequently on this blog is whether I am an “Excel blogger.” It is probably increasingly clear that I do not primarily write about Excel. This is especially true because as a graduate student, I do not spend nearly the same amount of time in spreadsheets as I once had. […]

Excel for Healthcare Preview – Conclusion: What Does the Future of Healthcare Mean for Analysts?

  This is a preview of my forthcoming course on Excel for Healthcare. Changes are coming to healthcare. What does this mean for healthcare analysts? In this section I will describe how some trends in healthcare may affect how people will use Excel. Read more about the course at http://georgejmount.com/excelforhealthcare