Chandoo Blew My Mind: Here’s How

Purna Duggirala is known to Excel users worldwide as Chandoo. His site,, is my go-to Excel resource. Chandoo has a variety of Excel media from blog posts and videos to full online courses. Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. He also has a podcast on how to “Become Awesome in Excel,” […]

10 Commandments for Spreadsheet Collaboration

Hell is other people’s spreadsheets. There is a Russian proverb that you don’t really know someone until you have shared a pound of salt with him. In the office, you don’t really know someone you have shared an Excel spreadsheet with him. A well-formatted spreadsheet makes you a valuable part of the team. One with hidden rows and […]

;;; And I’m Through With You

Here’s a nice Excel shortcut. Say you want to leave data in a cell but wish to make it invisible. You can do this by going to the Format Cells menu (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + 1),  selecting Custom, and typing three semicolons into the line under “Type.” Note: if the GIF below is not streaming, try […]

Excel Tip: Freeze, Formula!

I promise I didn’t post this just to use this great (free!) photo from Gratisography. No, it’s because this is one of the niftier Excel hacks that doesn’t get much publicity. Unwinding a formula in Excel can be difficult. Commas and clauses and parentheses…oh my! One way to map a spreadsheet’s relationships is through Ctrl + ~. This is great, […]

VLOOKUP with a Crystal Ball

I call vlookup the “duct tape of Excel” — it’s a cheap, easy way to patch together two sets of data.  Like with any patchwork solution, things can get out of order.  How to avoid constantly correcting for #N/A, #NAME, and other Excel meltdowns? You just need to be two steps ahead of your data.  Avoid the […]