Hired with Excel: Why Excel?

This is part of the “Hired with Excel” series. Read the previous post here.   Business is all about solving other people’s problems. As an analyst, you want to solve your boss’s problems by providing efficient, accurate data reporting. Excel is the perfect tool to accomplish these goals. But why — what problems does it […]

Hired with Excel: Why You Must Train Yourself

This is part of the “Hired with Excel” blog. Read the last post here. I have drilled home the point that you cannot rely on your employer to train you. I want to elaborate on this point a little more to explain why learning these skills on your own is essential. One of my worst […]

How to Learn Excel from Scratch

You’ve found the perfect job. Only one problem: you need to know Excel.  It’s in the job description. And you know the hiring manager is going to ask you about it — or worse yet, test you on it. Don’t let this deter you — with the right tools, you can learn the basics of […]

Hired with Excel: My Background

Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. Plus, your free ebook. This is part of the “Hired with Excel” series. Read the last post here. My Story This series is the guide I wish I’d had when applying for analyst jobs. It is my hope that you do not make the same […]

Hired With Excel: Introduction and Definition

The other day I mentioned that I would be starting a new series of tips on how to get “hired with Excel.” This is my first post. I will lay out the goal of the book and an important definition. Every profession has its tools. The doctor has his stethoscope, and the conductor the baton. […]