Hired with Excel: Get In the Door

Find the analyst job When looking for jobs, LinkedIn is crucial. It is as important to professional networking as Excel is to business analysis. I’m saying this out of experience: I was hired twice through LinkedIn. Wouldn’t it be great if companies had a Common Application similar to colleges? Instead of searching for individual jobs […]

Vlookup: The Mechanics

This post is part of a series on one of Excel’s best functions, VLOOKUP. Check out the entire series here. Then, subscribe to my newsletter for the latest. Vlookup is the duct tape of Excel Go back to our analogy of your “toolbox” of Excel skills. Vlookup is like the duct tape of your toolbox […]

Hired with Excel: The Pareto Handyman

  This is part of the “Hired with Excel” series. Read the previous posts on the good and the bad in Excel. This series will give you actionable tips on the two most commonly used Excel tools. Really know these and you should not have trouble convincing employers of your Excel skills. Excel use follows the Pareto Rule — […]

Hired with Excel: Why Vlookup?

We are finally covering Excel content. I’ve discussed everything from what an analyst does to the good and the bad in Excel. Why the slow windup? It’s because being a good analyst is more about having the right mindset than memorizing every formula. Excel use follows the Pareto Rule — that is, 80% of your work will […]

Hired with Excel: The Bad

This will be you as an analyst — headphones on, baffled by some spreadsheet your coworker just sent. This post is part of the Hired with Excel series. Read the previous post on the advantages of Excel here. The Bad Excel is dominant, but not invincible. Here are the three biggest downsides you should consider […]