Innovation and the Liberal Arts: Guest Post for Hillsdale College

Central Hall, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI Ah, guest posting. It’s something that you’re supposed to do as a blogger. They give you access to new, bigger audiences who are eager to find new authors. Sometimes I find the right outlet difficult. The economics of blogging allows your voice to be so niche and unique that the […]

Lessons Learned at Wordcamp Kent

I spent this weekend at Wordcamp in beautiful Kent, Ohio. I really enjoy Wordcamps: the lessons learned, the cheery demeanors, and the motivation to keep growing the blog. After each Wordcamp I like to share a few notes from some of the sessions. It helps me solidify some thoughts from the weekend. It’s also my […]

Generating Unique Random Numbers in R For Excel

Never listen to the Excel haters — it’s not going anywhere. Choosing to use R “instead of” Excel is like naming a favorite child! Each has its advantages, and a savvy analyst is able to use them in tandem. Here’s an example of using R to make up for an Excel shortcoming. DO NOT BE […]

Out of the Hot Seat: Reimagining Code Forums

I’ve picked up an unusual habit lately — when I am about to make a programming-related internet search, I open a private tab in my browser. What am I up to? Just trying to keep my cool. You see, StackOverflow ranks very highly on searches for programming help. If I use my regular browser to visit StackOverflow, […]

What Makes Drucker an Original?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post on Peter Drucker and entrepreneurship.  Much to my surprise, the post was featured on LinkedIn’s entrepreneurship channel. People are hungry for Drucker’s wisdom, so much that one reader even asked for a longer article to read! In response, below is a short paper written for a […]