I Got My Space Back (the Power of Routine)

I got my parking space back today. A snow bank had been occupying it.  But with spring here, the space returns to its rightful owner. With my space back, my day has improved dramatically.  I have been more productive – I’m even writing my first post in weeks.  Why? There is only so much energy […]

Review: “The Milennial Game Plan”

I came to this short e-book from Forbes, where author Laura Shin writes regularly.  While it took less than half a day to read (and is priced appropriately), the book has permanent take-aways. Shin does not sugar-coat the Millennial job market.  She starts off with the usual “unemployed with a Master’s in Puppetry” tragedies.  I particularly […]

Facebook: The Office

I don’t know if this qualifies me as old, but when I signed up for Facebook, only the emails of certain domains applied.  Most of these were colleges, but there were a few companies and other organizations.  The site at that point was largely geared toward learning about people in your network — for examples, sharing settings were less […]

The Art of Charts

I’ve been reading Walter Isaacson’s new book, “The Innovators,” a story of the collaboration (and competition) behind the digital age.  A theme of Isaacson’s writing is that technological innovation occurs at the intersection of science and the humanities.  Steve Jobs was famous for this mindset, and it resulted in the aesthetic and functional Apple devices […]

College and Career: Correlation, but not Causation

“Is college worth it?” is the question of our time.  Never before have so many owed so much for so little.  The debate is polarizing.  Most opinions are either “college is for everyone and students should embrace it and how dare you rob them of this!” or “what a scam, avoid entirely.” It’s not for […]