“The End of College” and the Future for Analysts

I read Kevin Carey’s The End of College, a surprisingly controversial book.  Carey lists the flaws of American higher education and predicts how “creative destruction” will upend it.  These predictions have sent many lovers of learning into a tizzy. But what is so surprising?  Technology disrupts every industry — why would education be different?  Carey […]

The Unified Theory of Analysts

When looking for my first full-time job, I knew I wanted to be an “analyst.”  But there were so many analyst titles – financial business, and systems, to name a few.  How are they all alike and different?  I couldn’t tell. Having worked in various analyst roles for the past three years, I can make […]

Five Ways to Find a Tribe

I’ll be unique and call Seth Godin’s Tribes influential.  The book shows that connections fuel today’s economy, and success depends on finding your network. The problem: I have not found my tribe.  Is it healthcare analysts?  Microsot Excel geeks?  Advice for recent college grads? I’m not sure yet.  But here are the places which have been most helpful […]

What I’ve Learned from Self-Publishing

I’ve self-published a number of Kindle e-books as part of my blog. This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of the blog. A few lessons:  People love free content… I had heard that one of the best ways to promote a book on Kindle is to mark it for free a […]

Review: The Job Hunting Mindset for College Graduates

I’ve been exploring the world of Kindle publishing since the publication of my first ebook (which you can get free until today.) One new feature to me is free Kindle books.  Many authors will promote their books for free a few days after publication for some publicity.  They do this in hopes of getting reviews and […]