History, Statistics, and more interesting facts

Very informative piece here about the future of statistics in an age of data analytics.  I had never considered the point that statistics and probability were disparate subjects until a couple of hundred years ago.  As the author mentions, this can be seen easily in the etymology (“statistics” coming from “state,” i.e. the state’s measurements). […]

Happy Spreadsheet Day!

With Apple, Uber, and other tech-savvy companies making big product announcements this time of year, you may have overlooked an anniversary.  This week marks the 35th anniversary of the spreadsheet. I couldn’t imagine a work world without spreadsheets.  Especially in a data-driven business climate, the quick, flexible analysis afforded by spreadsheets is crucial.  Unfortunately, it’s […]

Think tech, not just coding

Good piece in the WSJ communicating to parents and teachers something I wish I had heard more while I was in school: learn how to work with computers.  As the article states, one of the best ways to make a living these days is by knowing computer programming. While this is true, the author’s focus […]

Data Visualization: All Trends Subject to Change

Rather than my usual news-item commentary, I am going to write about something I’ve learned from data modelling and visualization. The biggest expense for many employers is salaries & wages.  This can be a tricky expense to model and visualize, because there is a lot of seasonality in the way payroll expenses are paid.  I […]

Big Data and Disperse Knowledge

  Economists are frequently turning to Twitter, Google and other online data sources to analyze the markets. In an economy less focused on manufacturing and more on information and connections, it only makes sense to use internet-created data in economic modelling.  Just as car sales were tantamount to analyzing the Rust Belt economy of the past, […]